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No one pays more!

When you have something to sell, we want you to think of us every time. Experience has shown us that by paying fair prices, sellers comeback to sell to us again and they recommend us to friends and family. 


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How we value your items

We have a good understanding of the current market; nonetheless, it's in your best interest to have a price when you offer us an item. This lets us know you've done research and understand the value of your item.  Often will buy on your first offer. We will negotiate if we feel your price does not match the marketplace. Worst case, if we can not find a mutually agreeable price, you will know a little more about the market demand for your item.


I remember being intimidated going into antique shops. I strive to make everyone feel comfortable and treat everyone equally.

Jimmy Allen Southern Picker

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How do you value your items?

Often sellers have a financial goal in mind when they decide to sell. If you have multiple items to sell it is very helpful to let us know so we can work with you towards your goal. 
If you do online research, it is important to find the sold prices and not the asking prices. The sold price is what establishes the market price. Asking prices vary widly and are not very useful for negotiating.
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Why you should sell to us

We buy and sell everyday in the national marketplace. We also do our own research to understand current market prices. This research gives us the confidence to negotiate a fair price. Once we come to an agreement we are responsible for the safety, storage and marketing. You have become a successful seller.


Interesting objects always have interesting stories behind them. Discovering these stories is one of my guilty pleasures.

John Littlefield Southern Picker

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It's time to make your move.

If you've made it this far down the page, you must be a motivated seller. We're ready to earn your business. Make us an offer we can't refuse. You'll get our valuation guide and then we'll send your more ideas of we can buy from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

[fa icon="plus-square"] How do I sell you something?
Do you have an item you would like to sell? Southern Picker is always buying. We are glad you found us! The guide below is a general path that we've used successfully. 


  • Thankfully cameras in smartphones have made it easy to send pictures. Sending photos avoids the time and expense of traveling us. The key to selling is making a good first impression by sending good photos:
    1. Images need to be clear and crisp. This is best accomplished by taking the photos in good light - even if it means taking your item outside in the sun. The best lighting is a cloudy day but good lighting is essential.
    2. Be sure to take photos of the front and back. This helps us evaluate the condition & age. Condition & age are the essential in determining a marketable price.
    3. Include photos of important details such as signatures, dates, labels and damaged areas. 
    When you send your email, please do not forget to include your name, phone number, and other contact information. Your asking price is not required but if you know your price it should be included.


We will review the submission and contact you. If we are interested in buying we will ask for your price. Often sellers do not know the value of their submission and expect us to make an offer. We will happily do so, but this should not be misunderstood to be an appraisal. Any offer reflects what we can afford to pay considering our costs of doing business for reselling. If you are interested in knowing the current market value of your map, you may want to consider appraisal services.


If we can come to a mutually agreeable price, I will ask you to assist us coordinating delivery OR we will arrange pickup. We typically pay for the delivery or pickup and will provide instructions according to our agreement. For shipping, we will provide prepaid shipping and insurance. For those who live in or are visiting the east coast area, you can also schedule an appointment to bring the visit us in person.

Some clients request payment in advance before shipping. Unfortunately, this is not possible for the following reasons:

  1. All offers are tentative until your offering has been examined in person.
  2. It is very difficult to determine authenticity from photos. We must inspect in person to be certain everything is what we expect.
  3. There may condition issues that are not apparent from photographs or that did not come up in our conversations.
  4. There may be unintentional or intentional misrepresentations.
  5. We are contacted multiple times each day by individuals interested in selling their antiques or historic collections. While most people are honest, as we all know some people are frauds and crooks. As a business, we must make every attempt to protect ourselves from these criminals.
  6. If you would like to know more about Southern Picker Antiques, please check out our About Us page. We've been buying and selling for 40 years and have been profiled by most major news providers. We've worked hard for our good reputation and we want to earn your business. We are not going to cheat anyone.


Once we can inspect it takes about 2 business days to fully evaluate. As soon as we have determined that everything is as anticipated, we will inform you of such and immediately render payment according to our conversations. For certain international deals, we can also pay via direct bank to bank wire transfers. To avoid fraud we do not use Western Union, or other cash sending services. Cash payments are made in person.


Occasionally we will discover that the object we've discussed is not as anticipated or represented. It may have condition issues, be a forgery, or simply not what we expected. In this case, we will generally return the submission to you at our own expense. From time to time, if the issue is related to the condition, we will explain the problem to the seller and may agree to a lower price that will leave room for professional restoration work. If this happens and we cannot come to an agreement, we will complete the return, as above, with our regrets.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Will you give me an appraisal?
We do appraise items. Our fees are competitive with the marketplace.
[fa icon="plus-square"] When are you open?
We are open by appointment. By making an appointment it allows us to prepare for your visit. We can schedule an uninterrupted time to discuss your offering. If you have a large number of items we can also discuss coming to you. To get things started it's best to send photos. Please include your name so we can call you and ask for you by name.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Would you just make me an offer?
We can but we'd rather not. We want you to keep coming back if our offer disappoints you may get discouraged. If you have a price in mind that will satisfy you then you'll be happy when we accept your price. If we have to make you an offer it is important to understand the difference between an offer and an appraisal. An offer is what we can pay considering our cost of marketing, overhead and how long it will take us to find a buyer. An offer is *not* an appraisal. It is unethical for anyone to appraise an item with the intention of buying.
[fa icon="plus-square"] How can I buy from you?
We sell by appointment, online and over the phone. We have an extensive inventory and are happy to discuss items you are seeking to purchase. However, we are not able to accommodate browsing. We have helped build many collections for individuals, universities, and museums.
[fa icon="plus-square"] Do you take consignments?
In our many years of business, we've learned that consignments are not a good business practice. For your protection and ours, it is best for us to buy so we can take full responsibility for the items we sell.