Meet our team



We are "pickers"; searching out items that some people don't want or need and then sell them to others who do..  Several years ago the New York Times tagged along with Jimmy as he traveled around looking for the things to buy. The article 42,000 miles a Year on the Antiques Track tells the story.

Jimmy Allen

The Picker

Jimmy has been a collector all his life. Growing up his parents indulged his love of antique stores in Winter Park, Florida. He'd ride his bike and engage the shop owners; learning the details of various collectibles. He has what the trade calls "the eye" which is really a trained eye for handmade objects and historical items that rise to the top of their categories. He's sold objects to the top museums in the country and traveled the world seeking antiques and speaking to other collectors and historians.

John Littlefield

Everything Else

John has been "picking" with Jimmy for over twenty years. Formerly he worked in technology but now works with Jimmy full time managing the details of the business.