We're Eager Antique Buyers


Furniture Buyers: 

We are not only antique furniture buyers we also buy mid century and modern furniture. We're always buying well crafted and well designed furniture from ANY time period.


Nautical Buyers: 

Maps, diaries, trip logs, lighting, models, books, related to nautical exploration from ANY time period.

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Farm & Industrial Artifacts Buyers:

Millstones, well surrounds, syrup kettles, tractors, work tables, industrial equipment and furniture are just a few examples of things we buy.

FooDogs.jpgAsian Antique Buyers:

Soapstone carvings, bonsai pots, vases, furniture, prints, art, clothing, photographs, weapons, military history are a few example of what we buy.

GreyhoundSign800x800.pngAdvertising & Sign Buyers:

We buy all types of advertising and porcelain signs.

1954 Superman Lunchbox.jpgVintage Toy Buyers:

We buy all types of toys from any era. Action figures, Legos, dolls, lunchboxes, comic books, games, science kits, Seiff toys and much more! We are toy buyers of all handmade toys and manufactured toys that are  well-designed and well-crafted toys.

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Pottery Buyers:

Southern earthenware or stoneware is one of our favorite antique categories we buy. Facejugs, utilitarian and decorative are all desireable. We are always on the lookout for poems inscribed on the side of Edgefield pottery. Would you like to know why?

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Estate Buyers:

Selling an Estate? We are ESTATE BUYERS! We buy individual objects and whole estates, estate jewelry, estate furniture, estate art, & collections. WE BUY it!



Entertainment Memorbilia Buyers:

Instruments, stage clothing, posters, candid photos, autographs, and advertising from all entertianment including popular music, movies, authors. 

Sterling Sweet Meat Urn (1 of 1).jpgSilver Buyers:

We are silver buyers. We buy silver of all types, sterling from any culture or nationality. 

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FamilyPortraits800x800.pngOriginal Art Buyers:

We buy all types of art from fine art to folk art. Paintings, carvings, sculptures, photographs, textiles, clothing, furniture, trench art, tramp art are just some of the things we buy. 

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Military Buyers:

We are buyers of American military historical collectibles from all wars and conflicts. Weapons, photographs, helmets, uniforms, insignia, pins, diaries, and all type of documents are things we like to buy.

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Architectural Salvage Buyers:

Lighting, fireplace mantles, gates, doors, windows, stained glass, plumbing fixtures,  wood, woodwork, tile, wroght iron, and bricks are a few examples of architectural salvage we buy. We'll consider anything!

UnusualSplitOakBasket.jpgBasket Buyers:

We are buyers of baskets made for specific work  purposes or just for decoration. Indian baskets, primitive baskets, even industrial baskets used on farms are what we like to buy.

Atlanta Cotton Exhibition-41.jpgPhotography Buyers:

Photo albums, individual photos, tin types, industrial photos, medical photos, science photos, space exploration, aviation photos, architecture photos, art photography are some examples of what we buy. We buy historical photos from any part of the world.

Cash Real Estate Buyers

Real Estate Buyers:

We are real estate buyers. If you are seeking creative real estate buyers for investment we would like to discuss your offering.