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Militaria: Military Antiques & Collectible Weapons

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 21, 2018 9:48:24 PM / by John Littlefield posted in Militaria

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We are militaria buyers; we are always buying military weapons:

We're always looking for military antiques. The market for military weapons is always good:

  • Military handguns, lugers & military rifles are very popular.
  • Militars swords are in good demand.
  • Military Bayonets
  • Collectible Weapons


Military Knives and Bayonetts, and a Wooden Toy Tank

Contact us if you have or know someone that has military collectibles they want to sell. We are serious buyers. We are always buying; we are *not* bargain hunters. Be on the lookout and tell your friends to be on the look out too. 


It's always a nice surprise to find out something you have is sellable. It's also nice to have ideas of what to look for if you go into a shop looking for things you can make money by buying and selling.

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We are Edgefield South Carolina Pottery Buyers

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 19, 2017 10:00:00 PM / by John Littlefield posted in Antique Buyers for Southern Antique Pottery, Pottery Buyers, Art Pottery Buyers

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We are delighted that the person that purchased this piece of pottery from us was acheived a substancial profit at Brunks Auction in Ashville, NC.

Edgefield Face Pitcher-7 no background.jpg

This is a small pitcher made in the form of a face. Face jugs are highly collected and this piece is in the same vein of face vessles from Edgefield South Carolina (SC). If you've downloaded our value guide you'll recognize the form. Below I'm attaching the condition report and  provenence that we provided to the buyer. It's a great example of why provenance is important.

Edgefield Face Pitcher-5 smudged2.jpg

Some of you that are reading this have sold us pottery. We are very fond of all southern pottery; we are especially eager South Carolina Pottery buyers. If you want to sell antique pottery we are always happy to talk. Being antique pottery buyers we like primitive pottey as well as well crafted modern pottery and art pottery. Edgefield pottery like this is in a special category because of the history of pottery making in Edgefield SC. Get Started! on your submission for evaluation.

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Selling Art Pottery? We are Art Pottery Buyers

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 2, 2017 11:55:27 AM / by Jimmy Allen posted in Pottery Buyers, Art Pottery Buyers

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I had the pleasure of buying this Voulkos piece a month ago from the estate of a Manhattan designer (Jack Cobb) who had moved into our area when he retired. His best pieces were in his home in Middlefield, Mass. The family didn't have to ask me more than once to go to Middlefield and buy his art. 
Charger by Peter Voulkos (top view)

Before the internet, I traveled 50,000 miles a year searching for Southern, ash glaze, utilitarian stoneware from early pottery centers like Edgefield, South Carolina, Crawford County, Georgia and Rock Mill, Alabama. It was an exciting time.

Charger by Peter Voulkos (side view)

I didn’t even know that Jack owned this charger. I never thought that I would find a piece of Peter Voulkos pottery. It was a wonderful surprise. I have watched a dozen videos since and learned so much more about the potter. It has only increased my awe. 

The value question for his chargers is the number of complimentary techniques he applied. What I call gouging, use of color, the stones, broken rims, and the lines – which one site said “He started his incisions after his 1967 Milan visit with Lucio Fontana, the modern master of holes (buchi) and cuts (tagli).

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How can you get MORE than scrap value from silver and gold buyers?

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 26, 2017 1:01:33 PM / by John Littlefield posted in Silver Buyers, Sterling Silver Buyers

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Don't get ripped off selling gold or silver for it's scrap value. We hear sad stories too often about people who have sold their  silver based soley on weight  (even then at a deep discount of silver's actual value) without consideration of craftmaship, design, maker or pattern.

Silver Whiting Bowl with Nautical Sea Shells.jpg

Well designed silver is worth more than it's scrap weight.  This is as true for gold as it is for silver. Gold jewelry increases in value with good design  by sought after  designers or makers .  Old  or vintage is not always better:  the fashions may have changed   or  few people are collecting a particular style.  

Condition is key to determing the value of jewelry.  Many pieces are only worth repairing for sentimental value.  Need some ideas of where you might have hidden value?

Scrap Gold

Scrap Silver

Broken chains & jewelry value are often
determined by weight. School class rings
can have
surprising value. A friend once found a mens blazer in a thrift store with
solid gold buttons.

Unpopular silver patterns are often worth more
for their silver content than their retail value.
Trays often have good value because they  were
manufactured to endure more abuse.   Also, they
were expensive to manufacture, few people could afford them, so fewer good examples can be found today. 

High Value Gold

High Value Silver

 Gold chains & jewelry by highly sought
designers like Tiffany, Hermes, Bulgari, Cartier,
Chanel & David Yurman. Anything that is 
well designed has higher value than scrap
regardless of the current scrap value.
 Getting more than scrap value for silver is all 
about the maker and designer and condition.  Reed & Barton, Gorham, Wallace and Tiffany silver are
typically worth substatially more than scrap value.

Silver Whiting Bowl with Nautical Sea Life.jpg

Are you curious about this bowl and how it was found?

This is a Walace Sterling bowl which we bought in an estate sale. We buy estate silver as often as we can.

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Savannah Picker finds Antique Southern Pottery Jar

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 22, 2017 10:20:45 AM / by John Littlefield posted in Pottery Buyers

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Jimmy was picking and he stumbled upon someone who purchased some pottery at the end an estate sale. Antique Pottery Ash Glaze Jar with Two Handles.jpg

It's definitely southern pottery which we are always looking to buy.  Get Started! on your submission for evaluation.

Antique Pottery Ash Glaze Jar Bottom.jpg

Tips for finding antique southern pottery:

  • Brown or green glassy drip glaze
  • Look at the bottom, it should show age if it is antique
  • Utilitarian: These were made to be used everyday, which is why they are called utilitarian. The form is typically useful for storage like canning meat or sourkrout. Note the two handles and the rim.
  • Sometimes there will be a number which indicates gallons
  • Chandler Maker Pottery Jar (2).jpg Sometimes there will be a mark or signature marks can be scoring, fingerprints, thumbprints, or stampes (i.e. Chandler Maker)
  • Occassionaly potters would make playful pieces at the end of they day like face jugs & busts. These can be grotesque or artistic. 

How to find antique pottery

The picker of this piece goes to estate sales. He was fortunate to find this at the end of the sale. These pieces can turn up anywhere. Since they are utilitarian you may find them being used as vases or planters. If your looking at estate sales, tag sales or garage sales be sure to look or in the garage or storage shed. Get Started! show off what you found to sell.

We buy more than just pottery check out other things we buy here.

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We are Civil War Buyers of Relics

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 11, 2017 10:19:17 AM / by John Littlefield posted in Militaria, Military Collectibles and War Relics, Militaria Buyers

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If you find or have Civil War relics and are looking for a buyer we would like the opportunity to talk to you about your collection. Civil War relics are the most desirable of all military collectibles. We are militaria buyers from all American conflicts, but we are avid buyers of Civil War relics.

Confederate Civil War Soldier with Weapons.jpg

Photo of Confederate Soldier holding Weapons

We buy all types of Civil War relics. Get Started!

Civil War Sword

Officer's swords are the most valuable but any sword from the civil war in any condition has value. We buy confederate swords and union swords in any condition. You deserve a fair price! Don't leave money on the table.


Civil War Rifle

Rifles, especially long rifles are highly sought. The civil war soldier in the photo is holding a long rifle. The condition of a rifle has a significant impact on it's value.  We buy confederate rifles & union rifles in any condition. We pay top prices for weapons. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish.

Civil War Uniform

Uniforms from the war are still found and have value regardless of condition. Confederate uniforms and Union uniforms are both desirable to us. Officer's uniforms have the most value since there were fewer uniforms made. Any part of the clothing of a civil war uniform is worth calling us to discuss. Belt buckles, buttons, ribbons, sashes, insignia and hats are all collectible. We are buyers of all of these civil war items in any condition. Learn how to get top prices.

Civil War Photograph

We buy photos from the Civil War. The photo above is a great example of the type of photo we like to buy, but we'll look at any civil war photo you want to sell. If you have a photo like this one you'll get $,$$$.

Civil War Knife

 The soldier in the photo is holding a bowie knife. We buy civil war knives.

Civil War Letter

 Letters & correspondence about the Civil War are often overlooked. We buy civil war letters. We look for letters that describe battles or discuss issues related to the war. Any reference to slavery, abolition or states rights are topics that we like to see.

Civil War Relic

 We are buyers of any civil war relic.  Even if you have Civil War relics we have not mentioned specificly we are still avid civil war buyers of any type of military antique. Military antiques can include civil war memorials, civil war flags, any type of weapon, and all paper items. 

We are Military Memorbilia Buyers

We are interested in buying military antiques from any American conflict. As military memorbilia buyers we want to you think of us anytime you think of selling military memorbilia. We buy all the categories mentioned above for the Revolutionary War, World War I, World War II, Korean War and the Vietnam War.

 Get Started! with your submission.

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Selling an Estate? We are an estate buyer.

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 19, 2017 10:18:41 AM / by John Littlefield posted in Estate Buyers

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Estate-Selling.jpg Get Started!

We had the pleasure of buying a truckload from the estate of an commercial interior designer. He left a note to his executors with instructions to call Jimmy Allen at Southern Picker Antiques because he is an "honest dealer". Jimmy gets emotional when he tells this story. He's always worked hard to be fair with people who are responsible for liquidating an estate. It's a hard job that most people may do only a few times in their life. We've worked with many estates and Jimmy has been very sucessful with developing techniques for handling high value estates with many difficult beneficiaries. Thankfully this estate was not difficult it was a pleasure working with the executors. If you have an estate you are selling now or in the future we are estate buyers and would like to work with you. Estate selling is not easy but it is worth taking the time to carefully evaluate these categories.

Estate Furniture  We look for antique furniture but also for unusual handmade furniture. This estate has a lot of mid century modern funiture which has become much more popular since it often is more affordable than antiques and as people buy contemporary homes contemporary furniture fits in very well.
Estate Jewelry Fine jewelry and well designed costume jewelry was not in this estate but we always look for jewelry. Of course gold jewelry, sterling silver jewelry and diamonds have value and need close inspection. Certain designers can multiply values of jewelry. 
Estate Silver Although silver is not a popular as it was it still has value and shoud not be ignored. If it is a known deisgner / manufacturer silver and especially sterling silver is still collectible. 
Estate Art & Artwork This estate had a lot of artwork which was also from the mid 20th century. Mid century art, like furniture is becoming very popular. Signed and numbered prints by recoginzied artists should not be overlooked. Paintings & sculptures are always desirable.
Estate Collections Some estates have collections. There are all types of collections and in some estates a well curated collection can be worth more than the house! If you find a collection in an estate it is foolish to not call an experienced reputable honest antique dealer. Beside well known examples of stamps and coins, valuable collections can include pottery, comic books, rare books, lunch boxes, photography, photo albums, military items, ethnic artifacts and posters. This list is without limit. The key question to ask is "Is the collection organized" THIS IS THE BIGGEST CLUE. An organized collection indicates the person building the collection was knowlegable. 
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Southern Antique Pottery

[fa icon="calendar'] May 28, 2017 7:00:45 PM / by John Littlefield posted in Pottery Buyers

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We are southern antique pottery buyers;  we are always looking for people selling pottery. 

Chandler Maker Pottery Jar (2).jpg

Recent Example: We met a Daytona picker from our site who found a nice piece of pottery in a shed marked Chandler Maker. She researched this piece and then found us searching for "South Carolina Pottery Buyers". We were able to share more information about her find and negotiate a deal that she was delighted with.

Southern antique pottery is a general term. There are several other names:

  • Earthenware or stoneware because it is made from clay from the areas in which it was made.
  • Folk pottery indicates that it is was made for to be used in the kitchen or on a working farm. The shape, style, handles and spouts are all indicative of the purpose of the creation.
  • The location of creation Edgefield Pottery (SC), Crawford County Pottery (GA),  Jugtown Pottery (NC), Sand Mountain Pottery (AL), Rockhill Pottery (NC), White County Pottery (GA), Washington County Pottery (GA) are all examples of areas that created pottery.
  • Although Florida did not have a pottery making tradition good pieces do turn up in Flordia. 
  • Face Jugs have always been a very popular form of Southern pottery.
  • Family names are also attached to pottery, like the Meaders family from White County Georgia.

Two-handled jar 




 Face Jug by Lanier Meaderssigned-dated-1988-lanier-meaders-face.png

Contact us if you have or know someone that has southern antique pottery they want to sell. We are serious antique buyers are always buying; we are *not* bargain hunters. Be on the lookout and tell your friends to be on the look out too. 


It's always a nice surprise to find out something you have is sellable. It's also nice to have ideas of what to look for if you go into a shop looking for things you can make money by buying and selling.

Get Started! on your submission for evaluation.


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Rock n Roll Memorabilia Buyers

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 28, 2017 7:34:25 PM / by Admin

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Entertanment memorbilia is an area we recently discovered by accident and we are interested in buying more. If you know of any or have anything related to entertainment please contact us. Things we've :

  • Music Industry (Clothing, Instruments, Concert Organizing, Handwritten Songs & Worksheets)
  • Movies (Clothing, Props, Scripts, Posters, Promotional Materials, etc.)
  • Writers (Manuscripts, Short Stories, Scripts, Letters, Worksheets, etc.)


We buy all types of objects. 

The value  correlates to the celebrity status. Celebrities who have become icons are the most desirable. 

Get Started! on your evaluation.


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We Buy Items Related to American Slave Trade

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 22, 2017 1:07:52 PM / by Admin

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American Slave Trade

We are avid buyers of documents about the slave trade in America.  We buy items from all aspects of slavery. Caputure of slaves, enforcement of slavery and the abolition movment are all very desireable. 

Here are some examples of slavery related items we seek:

  • Letters which mention slavery and how slaves were treated. Personal letters are particularly interesting to understand the how slavery was incorporated into daily life. Good stories and bad stories it's all history we want to buy.
  • Broadsides advertising the buying and selling of slaves and advertizing related to renting slaves and the capture of escaped slaves.
  • Business invoices, ledgers, lawsuits, inventories, are all items we buy.

(SLAVERY AND ABOLITION.) GEORGIA. Sheriff's detailed receipt for the seizure and auction of a Negro boy Ben. Long folio leaf, written by hand, signed by the sheriff, an apparent agent for the buyer, and docketed on the reverse. Warren County, GA, 1838

An unusual document wherein Sheriff William Anderson states that he 'did lately seize and levy upon a certain Negro boy Ben, the property of Samuel P. Howard, to settle various and sundry debts owed to John G. Winter.' He goes on to say that after advertising in the 'Public Gazette' the boy was put at auction and 'Knocked off to William Stone at the price of four hundred and two dollars, he being the highest bidder.' The remainder of the document is guarantee that the boy Ben is sold to William Stone 'his heirs and assigns.' 

Slave Auction Sheriff Sale, Warren County, GA 1838.jpg


This is the first time we have had a receipt for the sheriff's sale at a slave auction. 

We are buyers of all types of American slavery history. If you have old family papers we are always looking to buy and pay fair prices. If you know of someone that has this type of collection we pay finders fees for referrals. Call us!


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