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Selling an Estate? We are an estate buyer.

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 19, 2017 10:18:41 AM / by John Littlefield posted in Estate Buyers

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We had the pleasure of buying a truckload from the estate of an commercial interior designer. He left a note to his executors with instructions to call Jimmy Allen at Southern Picker Antiques because he is an "honest dealer". Jimmy gets emotional when he tells this story. He's always worked hard to be fair with people who are responsible for liquidating an estate. It's a hard job that most people may do only a few times in their life. We've worked with many estates and Jimmy has been very sucessful with developing techniques for handling high value estates with many difficult beneficiaries. Thankfully this estate was not difficult it was a pleasure working with the executors. If you have an estate you are selling now or in the future we are estate buyers and would like to work with you. Estate selling is not easy but it is worth taking the time to carefully evaluate these categories.

Estate Furniture  We look for antique furniture but also for unusual handmade furniture. This estate has a lot of mid century modern funiture which has become much more popular since it often is more affordable than antiques and as people buy contemporary homes contemporary furniture fits in very well.
Estate Jewelry Fine jewelry and well designed costume jewelry was not in this estate but we always look for jewelry. Of course gold jewelry, sterling silver jewelry and diamonds have value and need close inspection. Certain designers can multiply values of jewelry. 
Estate Silver Although silver is not a popular as it was it still has value and shoud not be ignored. If it is a known deisgner / manufacturer silver and especially sterling silver is still collectible. 
Estate Art & Artwork This estate had a lot of artwork which was also from the mid 20th century. Mid century art, like furniture is becoming very popular. Signed and numbered prints by recoginzied artists should not be overlooked. Paintings & sculptures are always desirable.
Estate Collections Some estates have collections. There are all types of collections and in some estates a well curated collection can be worth more than the house! If you find a collection in an estate it is foolish to not call an experienced reputable honest antique dealer. Beside well known examples of stamps and coins, valuable collections can include pottery, comic books, rare books, lunch boxes, photography, photo albums, military items, ethnic artifacts and posters. This list is without limit. The key question to ask is "Is the collection organized" THIS IS THE BIGGEST CLUE. An organized collection indicates the person building the collection was knowlegable. 
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