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We are Civil War Buyers of Relics

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 11, 2017 10:19:17 AM / by John Littlefield posted in Militaria, Military Collectibles and War Relics, Militaria Buyers

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If you find or have Civil War relics and are looking for a buyer we would like the opportunity to talk to you about your collection. Civil War relics are the most desirable of all military collectibles. We are militaria buyers from all American conflicts, but we are avid buyers of Civil War relics.

Confederate Civil War Soldier with Weapons.jpg

Photo of Confederate Soldier holding Weapons

We buy all types of Civil War relics. Get Started!

Civil War Sword

Officer's swords are the most valuable but any sword from the civil war in any condition has value. We buy confederate swords and union swords in any condition. You deserve a fair price! Don't leave money on the table.


Civil War Rifle

Rifles, especially long rifles are highly sought. The civil war soldier in the photo is holding a long rifle. The condition of a rifle has a significant impact on it's value.  We buy confederate rifles & union rifles in any condition. We pay top prices for weapons. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish.

Civil War Uniform

Uniforms from the war are still found and have value regardless of condition. Confederate uniforms and Union uniforms are both desirable to us. Officer's uniforms have the most value since there were fewer uniforms made. Any part of the clothing of a civil war uniform is worth calling us to discuss. Belt buckles, buttons, ribbons, sashes, insignia and hats are all collectible. We are buyers of all of these civil war items in any condition. Learn how to get top prices.

Civil War Photograph

We buy photos from the Civil War. The photo above is a great example of the type of photo we like to buy, but we'll look at any civil war photo you want to sell. If you have a photo like this one you'll get $,$$$.

Civil War Knife

 The soldier in the photo is holding a bowie knife. We buy civil war knives.

Civil War Letter

 Letters & correspondence about the Civil War are often overlooked. We buy civil war letters. We look for letters that describe battles or discuss issues related to the war. Any reference to slavery, abolition or states rights are topics that we like to see.

Civil War Relic

 We are buyers of any civil war relic.  Even if you have Civil War relics we have not mentioned specificly we are still avid civil war buyers of any type of military antique. Military antiques can include civil war memorials, civil war flags, any type of weapon, and all paper items. 

We are Military Memorbilia Buyers

We are interested in buying military antiques from any American conflict. As military memorbilia buyers we want to you think of us anytime you think of selling military memorbilia. We buy all the categories mentioned above for the Revolutionary War, World War I, World War II, Korean War and the Vietnam War.

 Get Started! with your submission.

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