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How can you get MORE than scrap value from silver and gold buyers?

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 26, 2017 1:01:33 PM / by John Littlefield posted in Silver Buyers, Sterling Silver Buyers

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Don't get ripped off selling gold or silver for it's scrap value. We hear sad stories too often about people who have sold their  silver based soley on weight  (even then at a deep discount of silver's actual value) without consideration of craftmaship, design, maker or pattern.

Silver Whiting Bowl with Nautical Sea Shells.jpg

Well designed silver is worth more than it's scrap weight.  This is as true for gold as it is for silver. Gold jewelry increases in value with good design  by sought after  designers or makers .  Old  or vintage is not always better:  the fashions may have changed   or  few people are collecting a particular style.  

Condition is key to determing the value of jewelry.  Many pieces are only worth repairing for sentimental value.  Need some ideas of where you might have hidden value?

Scrap Gold

Scrap Silver

Broken chains & jewelry value are often
determined by weight. School class rings
can have
surprising value. A friend once found a mens blazer in a thrift store with
solid gold buttons.

Unpopular silver patterns are often worth more
for their silver content than their retail value.
Trays often have good value because they  were
manufactured to endure more abuse.   Also, they
were expensive to manufacture, few people could afford them, so fewer good examples can be found today. 

High Value Gold

High Value Silver

 Gold chains & jewelry by highly sought
designers like Tiffany, Hermes, Bulgari, Cartier,
Chanel & David Yurman. Anything that is 
well designed has higher value than scrap
regardless of the current scrap value.
 Getting more than scrap value for silver is all 
about the maker and designer and condition.  Reed & Barton, Gorham, Wallace and Tiffany silver are
typically worth substatially more than scrap value.

Silver Whiting Bowl with Nautical Sea Life.jpg

Are you curious about this bowl and how it was found?

This is a Walace Sterling bowl which we bought in an estate sale. We buy estate silver as often as we can.

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